Pro Staff & Celebs

The following people are responsible for bringing Mike Roux Outdoor Enterprises where it is today. Thank you all!

Glen Roux

Nancy Roux

Bob Langan

Katie Roux

Connor Dietrich

Spencer Dietrich

Caleb Roux

Parker Dietrich

Roger Lewis

John Caldwell

Kevin Brunstein

Greg Nixon

Grayling Akers

Brad Harris

Original Pro Staffer
In Memory of Grandpa
Guy Roux

Ayden Dietrich

Future Pro Staffers
Makenzie & Connor

Who are these guys with Mike Roux?

Larry Weishuhn

Bill Dance

Jim Shockey

Jackie Bushman and Bill Jordan

Charles Napier

Byron Ferguson

Ralph Duren

Jimmy Houston

Steve Kanaly

Michael Wadell and David Blanton

Red Schoendienst

Hank Parker